I’m often amazed by the amount of determination my children illustrate in their day to day activities. Whether it’s conquering a Nintendo game, winning a power struggle with one another (or with ME), or focusing meticulously on keeping the violet shade of purple in between the lines during coloring, they are determined to get what they want. Well, as we all know, determination is a great thing!

Check out the following TEDxGenova video about how to master our communication, own our behaviors, and determine our success by Louise Evans who runs her organization in Florence (Italy) from where she provides coaching in cross-cultural transitional coaching and leadership development programs as well as personal development programs for teams and individuals.

Louis Evans’ speech is a true call to action. About 80 percent of our day, we spend at work and the rest is spent traveling and being at home. When we’re having a not-so-good day at our work, chances are that we’ll bring that negativity with us to our homes, and vice versa. Shouldn’t it be crucial that we’ll be creating healthier environments in those spaces that affect our lives most by giving it our best and receiving the likes, in return?

Unfortunately, this determination of theirs is often met with tears of frustration when things don’t quite go their way. As a parent, this can be very exasperating to respond to, particularly when the fortitude becomes a power struggle. Honestly, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought to myself, “why do they argue with me about every little issue? Who taught them that?!”

I could say that I’m not quite sure where they get their resolve from, but that would be a lie. You see, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Of course, their determination doesn’t all come from me. They get quite a bit of it from their daddy too. We, as psychologists, when using or developing psychometric measuring instruments, should be able to answer the most important question of all: is the device really measuring what it is intended to be measuring? That is, it the device valid?

But I am indeed a very determined woman. So determined, in fact, that when I was overwhelmed with the process of transferring my book from a Word document onto the Kindle platform and things weren’t going my way, I wouldn’t ask my husband, my own Mr. Technology, for help.

Instead, I stepped away from my computer (mumbling about how I wanted to throw it out the window) and fell into a ball of tears, only to return an hour or so later with a fresh mind and the willpower to figure it out. Still without help. (Or so I thought…)

Some might call it stubbornness. Maybe even refer to me or my children as pig-headed.  However, no matter what you might like to call it, it occurred to me last night that this type of personality is actually really good to have. Except for the do-it-on-my-own part.

Living life as a Christian isn’t always smooth sailing and together with cultural intelligence, it is affecting our lives. We aren’t guaranteed a life free from trouble. To have a heart for God is to have a target on our back for the enemy to take aim at.  When (not if) we are attacked by Satan, we need to avoid being the victim. Remember, God always wins! But while we’re growing and enduring our season of trouble, we have to be determined and strong-willed. We also have to be willing to call on God’s help.

Determination is what helps us get back up when we’ve been knocked flat on our face.

Determination is what keeps us pushing forward on our journey.

Determination is what keeps us strong in our faith, trusting God’s plan.