When I was living with my parents, we always enjoyed watching The Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. We get engulfed in the life-cycles of the animals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, insects and plants and their journey through this life. I love to learn about the discovery of our planet.

I can’t help but think about the creativity, tenacity, intelligence, and beauty of these creatures. No matter how much evolution takes place, two things are still certain: All creatures struggle to survive, and they have a strong desire to reproduce. That’s life. Watch this short NASA video that highlights Earth from Space:

How could you not witness all of God’s marvelous works and beauty and not believe in Him? Maybe it’s just that we are too distracted by small things that don’t matter. It makes you wonder about the point of it all – you know, that thing called the food chain and the tragedy of the unfortunate species that have a very low spot on the totem pole of life.

The irony is that humans take the top spot on the food chain, having dominion over all of these millions of species, yet it seems that they have it right. They live and survive on pure instinct and take the breath of life for the primary reason of their purpose: To give to nature and to take from nature, to seize and to sacrifice.

They give with their work ethic, survival skills and often their lives by providing nourishment for the creatures a little higher on the food chain, but before they leave, they typically reproduce, thus allowing the cycle of life to continue. Even when they take, they are actually providing. When they take a life, killing it for food, they are keeping that specific creature from overpopulating the land, enabling others to share it.

Think of the little cricket. He has about a million more species seeking to devour him at any moment, yet he still survives from day to day without worrying about tomorrow. We are at the very top of the food chain, yet we seem to worry far more than that little cricket. Today, in our country, another frightening development is taking place. It seems like it’s more and more about something like Us v. Them (and that in varieties that seem to get to every corner of society).

The plants are the epitome of faith. They move, grow, breathe, eat and reproduce,  just like all of God’s other living creatures, but in their own unique way. They grow and move at such a slow pace that you can see the details of their maturation only by recording them for days and then speeding up the playback. Let’s be careful with Artificial Intelligence and not disturb His creation too much. Cultural Intelligence it what matters!

The patience that they demonstrate is nothing short of amazing. Their desperation for light is what inspires me the most. When they are seeds, they will grow but only toward the light. They are so hungry for light that a plant will break through concrete to get a taste of the sun. What if we were just as desperate for God’s light as the plants are?

They serve their purpose so perfectly. Plants and animals both were created as a perfect and divine gift for us, God’s children. While higher than they in God’s eyes, we are to be just like them in the most important areas: to have a purpose and to seize and to sacrifice in this life. It’s the law of nature and that’s not only my idea. My son has these thoughts, too, when he asks me how we got to this point.

The sun provides light, warmth, and energy, leading and guiding all and the earth provides water and nourishment, much like a mother that provides breastmilk. The son and the earth remind me so much of a father and mother, working in unison to provide for its children. The only word that comes to mind is – Perfection.

Carefully examine your own life. Do you seize more than you sacrifice? Do you take more than you give? Is there a natural balance? What’s your purpose? Do you know what it is? Is it fear of success or fear of failure?

Only God can give you that insight. In addition to reading your Bible on a regular basis, I encourage you to take a walk in the park, watch Theor, visit your local lake. Drown out the distractions and noise and just pay a little bit closer attention to what surrounds you. It’s called the gift of life.