Here are some of my son’s thoughts:

It’s almost January. Sorry, let me repeat. It’s almost January. How did this happen exactly? I’m completely flabbergasted (yes, I just used that word) as to how we’ve managed to speed through 12 months of the year without blinking.

As I sit down and write this I’m trying to think of what has happened this year, if it’s changed me, if I’ll remember it in a few years time. Has this year has a significant impact on my life? It definitely had, so let’s take a closer look.

      • In January I realized that I needed to get my ass into gear with regards to my secondary education. I was sick of leaving assignments until the last minute, and getting incredibly stressed out about it.
      • Did it happen? Did I change my ways? Well, I managed to swing a placement at a local GED facility which I soon realized was a complete and utter disappointment – and I eventually got to follow an online GED program provided by a website named MyCareerTools. I managed to get better organized and they made learning fun again. Great course, actually one of the best choices I’ve made this year!

    • In March I had a very interesting experience – learning became a little fun again thanks to the online GED classes, but I realized I needed more self-discipline to be able to earn my diploma! I never did thank my online tutor for the great support!
    • In April I was offered another placement at a local GED course and, once again, realized that it wasn’t what I was hoping for. But at least I was being offered more support than my previous placement. A lot more, and actually this encouraged me, even more, to concentrate on earning my GED.
    • In May I wrote one of my longest posts about the upcoming 2016 Elections and as it stands I still do not support the current government. I also started getting itchy feet about my future, and spoke about how desperate I was to be able to start working in the industry that I love. And as it stands, I still feel the same if not more impatient.
    • In June I struggled to get my head around moving into my first flat. And then I struggled some more. And then a bit more. I also took my first GED test (Language) and despite all my struggling, I passed this test! Three more to go, and although it felt like a relief, I knew I had three more to go to get my diploma.
    • In September, I took my second and third of the four GED tests, and guess what I took first: MATH, and then Social Studies! I realize that there are some people who doubt if online education really works, but thanks to my online GED classes I passed all three tests so far at first try! Looking forward to the last Science test!
    • In November I passed my last GED test on Science. Learning hard has finally paid off, and now I can look for the great job that I want to secure in my favorite industry.

So what have I learned in these past 12 months? I’ve learned that not having a high school diploma is not something to be ashamed of, and realized that someone else can help you so you can hold your head high. I learned that quitting smoking is harder than admitting you have an educational problem and can actually cause a mental breakdown.

Seriously. I also learned that grief can be shared and that I shouldn’t be scared to admit how hard it is. And I’ve also learned that working through problems slowly and thoughtfully is better than trying to get everything done all in one go.

Finally, I’ve learned how amazing blogging is. In less than a year I have realized how supportive people are. I’ve become aware that many people are going through the same things as I am. And it’s comforting. It’s less scary. So to all of those who commented on various posts throughout this part of 2018 – thank you.